2022 Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is built on a very specific external monocoque design. This is traditionally used in armored personnel carriers. For reasons unknown to us, Tesla engineers selected armored sheets of high-strength stainless steel to create the Cybertruck load-bearing capsule.

A feature of high-strength armored steel is the complexity of its stamping. In other words, the company is simply not able to make complex aerodynamic planes. On the other hand, Elon Musk has repeatedly admitted that the design is inspired by fantastic films of the second half of the 20th century: Blade Runner, as well as the Lotus Esprit car from the Jace Bond films.

USA price range for Tesla Cybertruck 2022

At the moment, only the basic version worth $ 40,000 is reliably known. That's 310 miles on a single battery charge, plus 14,000 pounds of pulling power. Quite impressive performance for such a car. Other modifications should cost significantly more. There may be no additional options here, given the commercial policy of the company.

Tesla Cybertruck 2022 interior overview

Inside, this car looks more like a spaceship, and also the main idea of ​​the future lives in it. When everything looks sleek and simple, but has many functions in fact. The small steering wheel, more like an airplane steering wheel, has a lot of touch buttons, and you also have a huge screen to control. Minimalism at its best is already waiting for you, and there is not much left before the premiere sales and full-fledged presentation.

Tesla Cybertruck 2022 safety features

We will not dwell on Tesla's proprietary chips, everything will move here, most likely, from Model X. But the booking and the presence of powerful double-glazed windows that can delay and stop bullets are already worthy of respect. This is an armored vehicle that does not cost much more than a regular pickup truck. Therefore, there is an opinion that the military in many countries of the world will also be interested in this thing.

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