2022 Ford Maverick

It seems that a well-known American manufacturer has taken seriously the revival of old car brands.Ford Maverick has been undeservedly forgotten since the 1970s, but now this car will be restored in the status of a compact pickup in 2022.Who is this car for? This is a large-format vehicle designed for cargo and passenger transportation. As a standard, the manufacturer installs a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, as well as a fairly powerful electric motor.It is a very economical solution for daily family travel, long distance travel and business.

USA price range for Ford Maverick 2022

This great car starts at $ 21,495 in the US, which is to be expected. Americans are blessed that this model is produced in their territory, because the cost of at least 32,000 in the basic configuration is expected everywhere in the world. Also, do not forget about the add-ons received during the customization process. It is possible that this car was made with the aim of introducing a global restyling for the next generations.

Ford Maverick 2022 interior overview

Despite the fact that the car is considered large enough, even the largest Screw Cab with four doors is cramped inside. The fact is that Ford turned the interior into one huge organizer, which means that you will find a lot of all kinds of shelves, drawers and holders. How much you need it is up to you, but the free space has been reduced quite well. In general, the inside of the car is quite large. The driver has a high-quality view of the road. All functions are very convenient and intuitive, but the manufacturer has installed only an 8-inch display, which is very little for such a giant. This car clearly does not pretend to be a luxury, it is just a means of transportation.

Ford Maverick 2022 safety features

The manufacturer has completely redefined the concept of safety by developing a new platform for pickups. Now this is a very interesting damper frame, which absorbs all the energy of a frontal collision. They also developed a unique airbag system without trying to get attached to old designs. Therefore, this car looks quite solid and confident. Crash test results only prove this.

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