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In 2024, the main trends in the automotive industry will change. A large number of cars with hybrid power plants can be expected from the USA and these will not only be classic sedans, but also powerful SUVs of different sizes. Europe, given its changes in environmental legislation, will rely on electric cars. The expectations of experts from electric vehicles and advanced hybrid models are especially great. Germany, France and Sweden will become leaders in this area. Asian manufacturers will also not be left out, but they can only be expected to increase the influence of electronics and records on fuel economy.

This year a significant increase in SUV sales is expected due to the economic feasibility of their purchase and a high level of safety for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Experts also predict an increase in the share of small SUVs and super compact sedans that facilitate use in dense urban traffic. Cars are gradually turning into a universal vehicle. We wish you a successful purchase of a new car in 2024.

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