2022 Tesla Model 3

You need to be a big fan of Tesla in general and the Model 3 electric car in particular to recognize the external changes of the novelty. We still have a D-class sedan in front of us, soft contours of the body intersect with sharp lines above the wheel arches, almond-shaped headlights are complemented by narrow lamps. The general appearance is familiar.

However, there are changes, and many of them. For example, window moldings have been given a matt black finish instead of chrome in the past. The headlights are still LED, but lined blocks have settled inside. Finally, the car has found new rims, which differ depending on the version.

USA price for 2022 Tesla Model 3

This great electric car, long awaited in global markets, will start at $39,000 in the US, which is not as much as previous top cars. The most expensive trim is expected to be around $60,000, but this price can vary greatly depending on the company's financial policy. Now there are all the prerequisites for such a start, many experts who have their own information channels in Tesla confirm this. As for the additional customization options, everything here will not be as cool as you expect. Most likely the car will receive a small package of possible updates. What can we add to perfection? Nothing!

Quick overview of the interior

The interior of the car has evolved. The main and noticeable details - a wide front panel, a wooden insert, a 15-inch horizontal display, a panoramic glass roof - have not changed. But there are differences in the details. For example, the center console now has a double slot with wireless charging for smartphones. And in general, the entire center console has changed slightly: a matte gray finish (instead of the previous black gloss) and a silver edging for the lid. It has become more practical.

Safety features overview

This magnificent vehicle is the safest vehicle you can imagine. At the moment, a set of updated airbags has been added here, which will reliably protect not only adult passengers, but also children. You can also use this car without any special driving experience thanks to the many electronic assistants. We are not talking about autopilot, but in a difficult situation, you will get a lot of advantages in this Tesla due to the adjustment of movement parameters in real time.