2022 Infiniti QX60

This car has received a great design and upgrade package. The Infiniti QX60 has a very good resemblance in its outlines to the front and rear optics. Also a characteristic feature of the model is the large glazing area.

It is relatively small only by American standards. Europeans automatically think of it as a huge car. It was originally intended for the needs of the entire family. Everything has been worked out just fine here, from safety to ease of use and huge internal volume.

USA price for 2022 Infiniti QX60

This is a fairly expensive car, starting at $ 47,000 in the US. The top Trim, called Autograph by the manufacturer, starts at $ 65,000. But the manufacturer says that the top modification does not require any work, everything is already included. It looks like sales will be based on the preliminary amount of money, and manufacturing will only be made to order. Don't forget about additional customization options as well. They can also add value.

Quick overview of the interior

This car has been developing rapidly over several generations, so a number of surprises await us in the interior too. In the interior you are greeted with solid materials, a pleasant combination of colors - at least in the test car, the combination of light leather and wood inserts looks very elegant - and good noise insulation. There are also many entertainment options here. This is a true multimedia center, but its capabilities are intended for passengers in the second row.

Safety features overview

The manufacturers have specially developed an innovative Safety Shield concept for this car, which includes a huge number of parameters captured in real time, which are adjusted as you move. This car will notice the threat much earlier than the driver. Therefore, you can trust him and your family. For him, a special emergency braking system was developed, which makes it much easier to maintain an even braking distance.