2022 Kia K5

Compared to previous models, the new 2022 Kia K5 looks sportier. In addition, the modification is supplemented with new functions and details that noticeably decorate its appearance and make it more modern. The front of the new car is equipped with improved light reflectors and lenticular headlights.It is worth noting that the front end, due to the addition of new headlights, is somewhat reminiscent of the updated Kia Cerato.

As before, the model is positioned as a family car, because it has a wide base that allows you to comfortably accommodate passengers in the cabin.

USA price for 2022 Kia K5

This gorgeous car starts at $ 24,000 in the US. A very good choice for the money. But this is far from a top trim, there is also a GT that starts at $ 31,500. The difference between the models is explained not only by the engine power. You will also find premium materials, new options and more advanced driver assistants. Also try looking at directories with additional options. They will add value, but you can choose what you really need.

Quick overview of the interior

If in the basic version the car retains the fabric upholstery of the seats inherent in previous modifications (albeit somewhat modernized), in the top version, the drivers will have access to leather upholstery, which makes the car even more stylish and luxurious. One way or another, in both versions, new functions and additional options become available to simplify driving and make the trip more comfortable. It is important that now, for a small surcharge, drivers have the opportunity to install a touch screen, which is necessary for remote control of many car systems.

Safety features overview

In this car, it is difficult to find any unique features that allow you to get clear advantages over other cars. You will have a variety of driver assistants to help you navigate difficult road conditions. Ice or heavy rain will no longer be a hindrance to you. This car also has a decent emergency braking system that works well at all permitted speeds. The airbags have been specially designed for this sedan.

This car is definitely worthy of attention and space in your garage

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