2022 Honda Civic

The tenth generation Civic received a different body, interior and engine line with modified technical characteristics. Visually, the car looks more aggressive and sporty than its predecessor. Honda designers have tried to embody a strong yet elegant image, and they did it.The Civic feed matches the overall styling and complements the Honda exterior.There are large brake lights, divided into several segments.

They are visually connected by a black spoiler. The sloping roof is topped with a neat visor, and the fifth door opens up a wide aisle to the luggage compartment.

USA price for 2022 Honda Civic

MSRP for this car starts at $ 21,700. Quite low cost, which gives a large number of sales annually. And this is not surprising, because we are dealing with one of the most interesting cars. A wide variety of systems are additionally available through the customization program. But then the cost of the car will increase dramatically. It is extremely difficult to calculate the cost due to too many options.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior of the model has got new elements. The neat three-spoke steering wheel features Honda-branded secondary function buttons. The dashboard is divided into three segments - the speedometer is located in the center, and the side compartments are reserved for the tachometer and secondary scales. The chairs are upholstered in fabric and have a ton of settings. Extended configurations Civic has the right to count on electric seats, heating, ventilation.

Safety features overview

This relatively small car is equipped with one of the best emergency braking systems you can imagine. You will not be able to disrupt this car into a drift even if you want to, the active electronics will prevent this very much. You can travel with your family without any problems, without any fear of their health. This is a Japanese car, and therefore all critical parameters are electronically controlled. Even while driving, your actions will be strictly corrected.

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