2022 Toyota Tacoma

The exterior of the newest Toyota Tacoma is made in an aggressive style - the pickup looks courageous, solid and very catchy. At the front, the car flaunts menacingly frowned headlights and a massive trapezoidal radiator grille shield, while at the rear there are vertical red and white lights and a distinctive side embossed with the model name. The third generation Tacoma is offered with a one-and-a-half two-door or double four-door cab, as well as a standard or extended wheelbase.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Tacoma

The starting price for this huge Japanese pickup starts at $ 47,200. This is relatively small, especially considering the high level of luxury and technical equipment. For the power circuit, special metals and alloys with special strength were used. Next, you can add customization options that can increase the cost by up to 30%. It's expensive, but it's a car for 10 years, no less.

Quick overview of the interior

The front seats of a pickup truck with soft padding and a wide profile are practically devoid of lateral support, but they are tuned in sufficient ranges. The rear sofa of a four-door car is able to offer comfortable seating for three riders, but two reduced seats are based in the one-and-a-half cab at the rear.

This car is the epitome of the best interior. Manufacturers have put a lot of innovations here for future users of their products.

Safety features overview

This car has received a complete re-equipment in comparison with previous generations. The driver will be warned of a potentially dangerous situation. The number of assistants here is simply huge, so every person, even if he is a beginner. Everything here is adapted for the driver so that driving will seem like a simple computer game to you. This giant will obey your hand unquestioningly.