2022 Nissan Frontier

Once upon a time, the car manufacturer Nissan named the same model differently for the European and American markets. We are talking about the names Navara and Frontier. In 2022, the American car was completely redesigned in order to break the link between the two models, making them completely different in purpose and content.

Nissan Frontier 2022 may become one of the bestsellers in this segment despite its relatively high cost.

USA price range for Nissan Frontier 2022

It appears to be the most expensive of all the pickups in its class. Starting at $ 52,000 automatically elevates this car to the luxury segment, although we cannot call it such. Additional options can only add value. The top modification will cost around $ 65,000.

Nissan Frontier 2022 interior overview

In the base, the manufacturer supplied only a 7-inch display, but this is enough to control a small number of various functions. We deal more with a commercial vehicle than with a family car. But the passion of Americans for such pickups has not been canceled. Inside, you can choose a variety of options for arrangement, different combinations of upholstery on the chairs. Almost everything can be improved. Inside, everything is quite spacious, there is a lot of space even for large passengers.

Nissan Frontier 2022 safety features

The car has some of the best all-round view cameras. The manufacturer has also added a large number of various driver assistants here, which will make it possible to cope with large dimensions without any problems. Therefore, even beginners can afford such a purchase without much fear. At the moment, the car only comes standard with front airbags, but you can upgrade to 9 for extra money. The emergency braking system is designed to prevent skidding and rolling over onto the roof.

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