2022 Tesla Model X

Model X received a new front bumper without foglights, dark decorative elements instead of chrome and new rims. The car will be available in two modifications Long Range and Plaid, which is quite expected for this brand. The electric car has falcon-wing doors, which, unlike gull-wing doors, can be opened in a confined space.

The crossover is equipped with four-wheel drive and a 6- or 7-seater option.

USA price for 2022 Tesla Model X

This is truly one of the most expensive and coveted crossovers in the world, starting at $ 100,000. The top model X-Plaid will cost from 150 thousand. And this is very expensive for most people who receive about a third of this car in a year on a regular salary. These vehicles were clearly designed for people with a very high level of income. Every dollar invested here justifies, and any Tesla cannot be compared with cars equipped with internal combustion engines.

Quick overview of the interior

Usual paddle shifters have been removed and the front panel has been completely redesigned. The center section now has a 17-inch horizontal display. The steering wheel of the crossover is quite common - a three-spoke multifunctional with a raised rim. Inside the electric car you can find exceptionally high-quality finishing materials, including genuine leather, carbon fiber, wood and aluminum.

Safety features overview

You cannot view this vehicle within the general safety concept that you are used to. This is a real artificial intelligence system that constantly analyzes the traffic situation. It easily monitors traffic, pedestrians and other living objects on the roadway, monitors the shoulders and road markings. All this is done to ensure that the driver has more pleasure and can concentrate on basic control functions.