2022 Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover is the first to have a third row of seats and an all-steering chassis. The SUV now has two rechargeable hybrid versions at once.The Range Rover 2022 hasn't radically changed and remains recognizable. It has a familiar silhouette with a long hood and tall window lines.At the same time, the door handles are now retractable, and thin lights have appeared at the back.

At the heart of the SUV is an all-new MLA Flex platform that will be used by a range of models.

USA price for 2022 Land Rover Range Rover

The cost of this car in the US starts at $ 92,000. This is a very large amount, so even a few rich people can decide to take such a step, doubting its expediency. But the most expensive version with a V8 engine will cost about $ 185,000. In practice, using all the additional options, the cost can be increased to a quarter of a million! Customization is very expensive here.

Quick overview of the interior

Range Rover was first offered with three rows of seats, but a luxurious four-seater version with two separate second-row seats is also available. The trunk volume is 300-2600 liters. It is indeed a very large car, but we are not sure that someone will push loads of more than 2.5 cubic meters into it. There is a lot of space here, this is practically an off-road limousine in terms of comfort. A person of any height and weight will feel completely free here.

Safety features overview

Do you think that these cars were randomly chosen for the motorcade of the Queen of England? It is one of the safest vehicles in the world and is incredibly durable. In any collision, you can survive without any problems and not even get damaged. This is facilitated by specially designed seats, which, in conjunction with the airbags, provide an enclosed soft space. Many electronic assistants constantly monitor the movement parameters, preventing you from making critical mistakes. Even beginners will be able to cope with this huge car without any problems thanks to the high-precision all-round cameras.

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