2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A new meeting is with the already well-known Toyota Highlander 2022 crossover. And the reason for this was the addition of the word “Hybrid”: in the case of Toyota, a hybrid always means something good. And in the case of the Highlander, the hybrid version means changes not only under the hood, but also in the exterior design and interior equipment.

What are we talking about? Now we will tell you everything! First of all, traditionally for Toyota hybrid cars, the logo received a blue backing, and characteristic “Hybrid” inscriptions are ubiquitous on the body. Also, the wheels are different.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

This is a fairly expensive SUV, especially in its hybrid version. At the moment, the base trim starts at $38,860, which is quite a lot. But don't forget it's a Toyota. The most expensive trim is called Platinum, it costs from $49,000. Now there are a lot of additional options for customization and tuning, but it has never been cheap for Japanese cars. You can improve everything without big problems, but then the cost can jump up to $ 70,000, and this is already a reason to look at a completely different category of cars.

Quick overview of the interior

Inside, the situation is similar: in general, everything is the same, but in the details there are differences. Moreover, the case when you like these details and differences. That's absolutely everything. For example, earlier the decor of the front panel and the central display was made in the form of a matte gray bar. Now there is a silver insert with a structure resembling scales: pleasant to the touch, looks interesting. A couple more solutions are hidden from view, but really very useful. Here is a large armrest between the front seats - it was before. But when you slide the lid, you suddenly find there a wireless charger for your smartphone. Moreover, this is a separate folding niche-shelf, and under it everything also has a roomy box.

Safety features overview

The safety options of this Highlander are constantly changing for the driver, passengers and small children in the cabin. On all test systems, it shows greater body endurance in frontal and side impacts. Now there are many different electronic assistants that will make your driving easier in the right way. In real time, the on-board computer takes all the indicators through the sensors in order to correct them. The car has adaptive matrix lighting, which is automatically adjusted in accordance with the headlights of cars in the oncoming lane.

This car is definitely worthy of attention and space in your garage. For more details, please contact authorized dealer.