2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid

The hybrid version of this great Honda CV literally blew up the American market in 2022 with an updated range of additional options and a lot of innovations. A completely different car with multiple properties awaits you. Now there are several versions of this car, but the overall safety concept has been completely redesigned in accordance with the new challenges of a hybrid power plant.

Yes, this car really allows you to save a huge amount of money due to low fuel consumption. You can also contribute to the overall concept of eco-friendly cars.

USA price for 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid

This car is relatively inexpensive. $31,000 is just the starting price for a trim E X. The next trims start at $33,500 and $37,000 respectively. This is a fairly expensive car in terms of additional customization and tuning options, but most owners also speak well of the initial configurations. A wide variety of comfort, safety and other driver assistance systems are available to you, but it does not come cheap. You always have room for improvement, but that really drives up the price.

Quick overview of the interior

Inside there is a lot of space for adult passengers of any height and build. Also, the captain's chair is very comfortable, regardless of the parameters of your body. In any case, you will have a circular view of the road. You can use any seat upholstery without any problems. The fabric here is very comfortable, although it is much cheaper than genuine leather. You will also have access to many progressive materials in unusual colors.

Safety features overview

This small SUV has the best protection systems for the driver, adult passengers and children inside. This thing is really very interesting and comfortable, it offers the best airbags in its class, an emergency braking system and a driver assistant system, you can optionally install rain sensors, as well as adaptive matrix headlights that do not blind oncoming drivers. There are also passive dampeners that hide the energy of strong collisions.

This car is definitely worthy of attention and space in your garage. For more details, please contact authorized dealer.