2022 Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity 2022 was originally created with an eye on the US market. Moreover, this is no longer even a model, but a whole eco-family: a hydrogen car, an electric car, a rechargeable hybrid. In general, any version of the Honda Clarity does not have a traditional ICE analogue, and therefore this drop-shaped body design itself is a wonder, although at the same time the characteristic style of modern Honda models is recognized.

Among the interesting details I will definitely note the rims with fairings, numerous ventilation ducts, covered rear wheels - it is clear that the creators worked carefully with aerodynamics.

USA price for 2022 Honda Clarity

It's actually a very expensive car starting at $ 59,000 in the US! Why so expensive? Because it is one of the most advanced technologies you can find on the market. It seems that this will last almost forever, because the high-tech Fuel Cells are practically indestructible. A very worthy choice and a wise investment of a large amount of money for rational owners.

Quick overview of the interior

The front is beautiful, comfortable - and of high quality: soft finishing materials, a 2-storey center console with wood trim and a push-button selector work on the feeling of the high cost of the Honda Clarity. The rear is really very spacious - both for the legs, and in width, and with a headroom - even in spite of the piled-up roof pillars. Rear passengers are provided with ventilation deflectors, an armrest, and a power outlet. But there is clearly a lack of USB ports here.

Safety features overview

This car is so filled with a variety of electronic driver assistants that it looks more like a living organism capable of independently analyzing the road situation. Its strength and damping zones, in combination with airbags, will reliably protect you and your family from the consequences of a frontal impact and other troubles, including uncontrollable drifts.

This car is definitely worthy of attention and space in your garage. For more details, please contact authorized dealer.