2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry has been and remains a benchmark in its class. The hybrid Camry does not have any visible differences from the petrol one, except for the blue in the emblems and the "power meter" instead of the tachometer on the dashboard. Although, of course, it is much more expensive.

And here the main question arises - is there any point in paying extra and, if any, for what specifically? Yes, this is a completely different driving experience that you have never experienced before.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid

This car has never been cheap, so the hybrid version is also quite expensive. This Toyota starts at $ 28,500, but it really pleases the owner with excellent fuel economy. You will fill the tank once a month if you don't travel long distances. The top modification costs from $ 37,000, and if you take into account all the options that you constantly want to buy, it will go up to $ 50,000+. But there it is already better to look at another class of cars.

Quick overview of the interior

In the place of the tachometer in the car there is an arrow showing the modes of operation of the transmission. When moving, she briskly moves in different directions, which is not even familiar at first. It also looks like the Camry Hybrid is a little stiffer than the regular petrol version. The cabin has an excellent JBL audio system with nine speakers and a subwoofer. There is also a wireless charging system for mobile phones, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking.

Safety features overview

This vehicle has one of the most advanced safety packages available from the start. You will have access to airbags and one of the best emergency braking systems for sedans. The car monitors the traffic situation in real time, making you feel safe even on an icy highway. The computerized driver assistance concept has also been completely redesigned.