2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

Despite the growing popularity of crossovers, sedans are still in demand among motorists. A striking representative of this segment is the Honda Accord 2022 Hybrid. This model is considered a direct competitor to Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata.It is also a large family sedan offering maximum comfort and great fuel economy.

In addition to the standard internal combustion engine, it received a hybrid installation in addition to the standard internal combustion engine. This led to a revision of the technical characteristics of the car. Also, the model has acquired an updated exterior.

USA price for 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

The most affordable MSRP starts at $ 27,000. There is also an intermediate trim for $ 30,000 and a top trim for $ 37,000. Quite a wide selection, especially for a hybrid vehicle. But you will be even more surprised if you open the catalog of additional customization options. But Honda is quite an expensive brand, so every improvement will add value. Full hardware will cost about $ 50,000.

Quick overview of the interior

In the Hybrid, the list of available equipment is complemented by a rear split armrest and keyless entry to the cabin. But the main feature of this variation is the presence of a hybrid power unit under the hood of the car. Therefore, you will definitely not hear any noise. This will be the most comfortable ride of your life.

Safety features overview

Let's be honest with each other, this car has always had excellent safety. As for the hybrid, everything has been supplemented and refined here. Engineers have changed many concepts and especially added a large number of driver assistants, introduced new intelligent lighting. The car now independently controls many parameters of movement so that the driver does not even guess about it. This is one of the most comfortable and safe controls.

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