2022 Ford Bronco

This updated Ford Bronco is significantly different from previous generations. Unlike the legend, now the chrome-plated decor elements have been replaced by unpainted plastic ones. Also, instead of the brand name, an inscription appeared on the radiator indicating the model.

As before, the roof and doors can be easily removed from the vehicle. At the same time, the roof of the five-door Bronco will be soft or hard, while the three-door - only hard.

USA price for 2022 Ford Bronco

This reincarnation of the famous Ford car cannot claim to be an affordable car. Prices start at approximately $ 29,000. But Top Trim, called WildTrak, starts at $ 49,000. The difference lies in equipment, power and adaptability to the most severe operating conditions. In general, this car is a dream come true for every adventure lover. And you can get them where other car owners are simply afraid to go.

Quick overview of the interior

This car is the epitome of the best interior. Manufacturers have put a lot of innovations here for future users of their products. The interior of the SUV will remain quite austere. But now expensive finishing materials and a modern multimedia system with a huge touch screen and rich functionality will appear here. In addition, special mounts for gadgets will be installed on the dashboard. The car is decorated inside and out in the spirit of the legendary classics of the genre. But at the same time, it is equipped with all the necessary modern options and meets the current safety requirements.

Safety features overview

This car has a truly titanic safety margin. All safety here is centered around off-road driving. When rolling over onto the roof, the driver and passengers are reliably protected by the powerful tubular frame. The rest of the safety options here are standard for most SUVs.

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