2023 Best Minivans

Choosing a vehicle for a large family is a very difficult matter, because you need to take into account a lot of important details, starting from the required number of seats in the cabin and ending with your financial capabilities. Among all the available types of vehicles – sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers – the minivan is the most convenient for transporting all family members.

A minivan is a passenger car with a single–volume body and a semi-hood or cabless layout, which is most often equipped with three rows of seats. 
If you have a large family, ordinary passenger transport is unlikely to suit you. Most likely, you will need a minivan for 7-8 seats. And although automotive experts say that this class of cars is gradually disappearing, losing its relevance, most likely, the need for minivans will soon disappear.

A minivan is an excellent solution for a large family

If there are three or four children in a family, no hatchbacks or sedans will save the situation: there is simply not enough space for everyone. A minivan here is a great solution.
Minivans are very fond of car travelers who prefer to travel with a company. As a rule, in this case, a minivan is turned into a kind of mobile home: you can go on the road and use it instead of a tent – both compactly and reliably, and comfort is present.
Minivans are often used in small commercial firms. Here is the reverse situation: there are not so many employees, a minibus is too big transport for the needs of the company, but a minivan is the optimal solution. Naturally, all three of these categories assume their own requirements for the features of the car. Let's focus on minivans for family use and determine which of them are considered the best today.

In our choice, we will be guided by the following criteria

  • The spaciousness of the car interior
  • Availability of modern systems that ensure the safety of the driver and passengers
  • Reliability of technical components, low probability of breakdowns
  • Expenses for fuel and other automotive fluids, as well as spare parts
  • Availability of electronic systems that facilitate the driver's work
  • The ability to compensate for the limited volume of the trunk by transforming the interior and turning the car into a van with increased load capacity
  • Availability of climate control systems, additional multimedia tools for a comfortable trip of passengers

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