2020 Lincoln Navigator

2020 Lincoln Navigator Quick Overview

The SUV is built on the Ford Expedition platform, but is ahead of it in size - more than five meters in length and two meters in width and height. Despite its size, Lincoln Navigator looks elegant and sophisticated. The Navigator's suspension is extremely smooth. On the go, the car remained imposing, as befits a "real American vehicle." Unlike its predecessor, it does not have a rigid axle installed in the rear suspension, but an independent mechanism, reminiscent of those that are equipped with luxury sedans. It is a giant car for conquering roads, off-road and a spectacular public appearance.
2020 Lincoln Navigator Price Range
A high level of luxury and security must be paid generously. Lincoln Navigator is no exception. The base model costs $76,000, with additional options at extra charge. The top model costs $93,000. And there is no limit to perfection, you can select many additional options - limited only by your financial capabilities.

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